Twitterati erupt in anger after a video of restaurant owners making fun of their manager goes viral

By Muhammad YaseenPublished On 21 Jan 2021

Twitterati erupted in anger after video of high-end restaurant owners making fun of their manager for his inability to speak English goes viral on social media.

In the video, two women who are apparently the owners of high-end restaurant in Islamabad can be seen talking to their manager in English who is obviously having difficulty speaking the language fluently.

“How many classes have you taken for English?” one of the ladies asked the manager.

“I have taken three classes, each for six months,” he replied.  

“So could you speak to everyone in English and say a sentence?” the lady asked following which the manager introduces himself.

“So this is our manager who is with us for nine years and this is the beautiful English he is speaking and [he gets] a very good salary my dear,” the lady replied mockingly.

Soon after, the video went viral on twitter with people bashing the ladies for humiliating their manager.