Sohaib Maqsood call Sindh police ‘corrupt’

By Muhammad JuniadPublished On 28 Nov 2023

Lahore: Pakistan cricket team player Sohib Maqsood Tuesday attacked the Sindh police and narrated the bad experience he had at the hands of Sindh police.

Turning to social networking website X Sohib Maqsood wrote: “We are so lucky that we live in Punjab not in Sindh. First time in my life I am travelling from Karachi to Multan by Road and Sindh police is so corrupt that they stop you after 50 km and ask for money or they threat you to go to the police station for no reason”.

If you give them money then they will stop you again after 50 km and ask for money again, he stated adding that the corruption is at its peak in Sindh police.

Sohaib further wrote that they told them that they are international cricketers travelling to Multan after match in Karachi they still took Rs8000 and then let them go.

After this post of Sohib, there was a storm of criticizm from social media users on Sindh Police.