Why India And Saudi Arabia Increase Their Relationship?


This activity brought criticism from Pakistan, however, India received assistance from a number of nations such as Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. Turkey, on the other hand, has supported Pakistan on the Kashmir problem as exemplified by Erdogan’s opinions. The nations supporting India have supported India’s position that Kashmir is an Indian issue. Pakistan has attempted to garner assistance from the community over the problem of Kashmir.

Many nations have shied away from encouraging Pakistan’s position. Turkey is among the few nations to encourage Pakistan. Nonetheless, in doing this Turkey attracted the interest of India. Considering that Erdogan came out with Support of Pakistan, India has taken numerous measures to cancel Turkey. Among India’s initial answers was during the UNGA as well. Throughout these Meetings, India expanded its supports into the stands of the 3 nations against Turkey. Another measure from India is the own criticism of Turkey’s offensive actions against the Kurds in Syria. India condemned the assault and called upon Turkey to exercise restraint.

Another measure taken by India is that the cancellation of Modi’s scheduled trip to Turkey which was to occur towards the end of October. The trip was supposed to precede Modi’s trip to Saudi Arabia from October 29 to 31. A measure that India has obtained is that the downsizing of defence ties with Turkey. In the perspective of defence ties between Turkey and Pakistan, India is currently decreasing its own export of arms to Turkey. Besides these steps, the Indian government issued a travel advisory to its citizens to exercise care when travelling to Turkey.

Two factors have played a significant part in India’s relations with Middle Eastern states: economics and also India’s internal politics. The element relies on remittances and the oil exchange in the Indian diaspora in the Middle East. The next element is India’s internal politics regarding its Muslim population. Relations with Middle Eastern nations have been regarded to appease Indian Muslims. Within a period of time, India has diversified its connections. India has been creating a partnership with the Saudis over a previous couple of decades.

Visits between the states have taken place. Modi visited Saudi Arabia in 2016; Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman visited India in February 2019 and as mentioned previously, Modi will see the Kingdom following week. Lately India and Saudi Arabia agreed to increase cooperation. Overall India’s progress in relationships with Saudi Arabia highlights that the regions of collaboration between India and the nations of the Middle East have enlarged. Areas of collaboration reinforce relations but they also permit India to play a much role. The politics of the Middle East are multidimensional and complex.

The Saudi Arabia-Turkey competition is among those measurements. Another measurement is that the Saudi Arabia-Iran competition. India has close connections with both Saudi Arabia and Iran. But, India remains to work out a way to balance its ties with Iran on the 1 hand along with Saudi Arabia and the United States on the other hand. Iran is for India, but India-Iran relations want the capital and electricity that India has put supporting developing its connections with Saudi Arabia. In stepping up its offensive against Turkey and by giving preference to Saudi Arabia, India is indicating that it might be prepared to take sides. Though India has a long way to go, the measures imply that India is Seeking to surpass its role in Middle Eastern politics


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