Why In PTI Government Dengue patients exceeds from all previous governments


The government has shown that over 10,000 sufferers of fever are being treated around the nation, fearing a further growth in cases in the seven to ten days. He said the number of cases had improved during the previous 48 hours, fearing that the cost may rise in the coming days.

The SAPM explained that 70 per cent of the cases in Punjab were reported by the Potohar area. The research could be conducted to discover why the virus spread out in this area, he added. Dr Mirza said despite the government’s warning letter issued to most authorities on May 23measures weren’t taken to control the outbreak. He claimed that the number of instances was significantly less compared to prior decades.

The SAPM explained the government is currently coordinating to curb the outbreak, so promising that efforts are being made to test its spread. Dr Mirza explained a control centre was set up in Islamabad, which he added would examine the situation. He explained two hotlines with contact numbers (051-9212601 and 9216890) would function round-the-clock, where professional physicians would reply to the dengue-related questions to the general public.

The SAPM explained a crisis centre had been established in the National Institute of Health ten days and data, also available on NIH site, are being published there on a daily basis. Remedy at these hospitals are free of charge, he thanked the direction of hospitals and said.

At least 16 health units in the funds have been made educated and operational physicians are providing patients with treatment, said the advisor, including that the most affected regions are being fumigated with the authorities in communicating.


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