WhatsApp will allow you to use the same account on multiple devices soon


It’s been rumoured for a while but it finally seems WhatsApp is getting ready to unleash the ability to chat on multiple devices.

Currently, WhatsApp only allows only one device to signed up into an account. So if a user were to sign in his WhatsApp account on a new smartphone, the older one would automatically get disconnected.

There’s been plenty of speculation about when this vital upgrade will arrive but the latest reports from WABetainfo suggest it could be coming in the next few months.

In the tweet, WABetainfo said: “From now on WhatsApp is internally starting some important tests for the multi device feature.

The option to use the app on different devices is something its legion of fans have been wanting for years.

There’s no word on how this update will work but could mean WhatsApp is also finally ready to launch a dedicated iPad app.

At the moment, the only way to use WhatsApp on your iPad is in conjunction with an iPhone and launching the chat service on your browser. Not ideal.

According to WABetaInfo, a future version of WhatsApp will give each user a “device list” that, as the name suggests, will show each phone or tablet that has been synced with a particular WhatsApp account.


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