What Is No Toss Rule


The Pakistan cricket board PCB for the very first time in cricket history has introduced a no-toss principle which will enable teams away to automatically opt to bowl so nullifying the benefit that the house teams enjoy cricket.

There’s been a debate in cricket the house teams prepare pitches and mold up the conditions for their liking teams disadvantage and making the contest lopsided.this will work as a hindrance for the house sides out of doctoring the pitches in their favour and induce them to prepare pitches that supply the ideal balance between bat and ball for four times the PCB announced in a press release on Monday.

the no-toss rule being dubbed radical from the PCB will watch off teams bowl if they suspect the house side has doctored pitches for their benefit. though a matching throw will occur if the teams would like to bat.

The rule affects games just meaning one-day and t20 matches in level will continue to use match toss custom. the international cricket council has considered scrapping the practice and the thing was debated in its own cricket committee. the PCB however has taken the lead to the situation.


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