We Were Not Allowed To See Our Father In Hospital Says Rahma Ali


Veteran Pakistani tv actor, producer and director, Abid Ali passed away on Thursday. Abid Ali was sick from liver disease and was being treated in a hospital in Karachi. Abid Ali (right) together with his wife and brothers. Born Abid Sher Ali at Quetta, he worked as a performer, director, and producer, behaving in TV and movie productions.

After working in Radio Pakistan, Abid Ali started a successful career as a performer using the PTV play Jhok Sial in 1973. He had been the manager and producer of Dasht, a 1993 hit play where he played the character of Shams Shah. He has three brothers, such as model and celebrity Iman Aly and singer Rahma Ali.

His daughter, Rahma, also confirmed the passing of her father in a message posted on her Instagram account. The Pakistan television business has lost another legend, Abid Ali, now. He had been a man of honour. He was adored by people for his fashion that was.

Aside from acting, Abid Ali was a fashion icon for his or her followers. How he uses to take himself was loved by his fans. Abid Ali’s family, lovers and co-stars are in regret and despair. Rahma Ali simply posted a movie on websites that left everybody. Rahma Ali advised the people who Rabia Noreen, the spouse of Abid Ali, has left all the body that was lifeless to the hospital.

She prohibited brothers and his wife from rapping. How can you be? Rahma Ali together with phupo and also her mum are in hospital and also do not understand exactly what to do and where to proceed. They do not understand anything. That is really sad. They lost their dad and they are not permitted to attend his funeral.


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