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In the current era, war is not won by ammunitions but win by conspiracies that means to spoil the natural resources, which hinders the development of the country by means war has been won, so India has the same style of conspiracies against Pakistan and threatens the sovereignty of Pakistan. India’s main aim is to destroy nature’s resources of the Pakistani state in order to accomplish her ulterior motives. India tries to divert the direction of Pakistani rivers and plans to establish Dams. On these rivers at the top of the list of such dams is the Kishan Ganga Dam. Pakistan took the case against the Kishan Ganga Dam to an international forum. Pakistan has Dams which already utilize at their optimum level and there is no new Dam to reserve the water that’s why all the spare water dumped into the sea but unfortunately, Pakistan has lost their case at the international forum.

At last, what is the reason of no new dam in Pakistan? Even General ZIA UL HAQ permitted the construction of KALA BAGH DAM in his era. The KALA BAGH is the water reservoir project on the land of Punjab; its first survey is conducted by British government in 1873 with the permission of QUAID E AZAM. In February 1948 the Hydropower plant was constructed at Mianwali and that was the base for the KALA BAGH DAM project.  KALA BAGH is the name of the place in Mianwali where are a lot of banana trees that looks like black clouds from a far distance.

When India stops the water then the World Bank conducts the SINDH TAS agreement between Pakistan and India in 1960. After that AYUB KHAN works on other projects and ignores the project of KALA BAGH DAM and also in the era of Bhutto the project is ignored. According to a report the height of dam will be 925 feet and the dam will have the capacity to store 6.1 million acre-feet water and 3.5 years is required for its construction and from the water of this dam the 50 lakh acre feet barren land of the country will be cultivated and its cost will be 8 billion dollars and it will produce 5 thousand Megawatts electricity and for the completion of this project, new machines, offices and new roads are required but unfortunately the inimical facts destitute the people of Pakistan from their right.

Pervaiz Musharraf declared to work on KALA BAGH DAM with other six projects which include a neelam­­-Jhelum dam, basha dam, etc. These projects can give us benefit more than our thinking but unfortunately, due to lawyers tahreek Pervaiz Musharaf was enforced to give up his resignation and the problem of the dam is still as in the past.

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The capacity of Tarbeela dam and Mangla dam is collectively 13 million acre-feet and KALA BAGH DAM can store 6.1 million acre-feet water for 3 years and this will cultivate the 50 lakh acre barren land and this will help to pay 15 billion loans every year and this will bring prosperity in the country and this will increase agrarian seems and also helpful to increase exports and decrease imports Punjab and north area of KPK will able to get 40 lakh acre-feet water, lower areas of Sindh and eastern areas of Baluchistan will be able to get 4 lakh 50 thousand feet acre water. The cost to produce electricity from oil is 15-20 rupees per unit in Pakistan but if the electricity is produced from water the cost will be 2.5 rupees per unit. By constructing this dam Pakistan will become stronger geographically. The people of kpk think that dam is dangerous for Pakistan and only Punjab will be able to get benefit from this dam because all the construction is made in Punjab but Punjab has no issue relating to this dam. People of kpk think that the city of now shares will be drowned but this issue is also resolved by lowering down the height of the dam and water is also distributed among provinces according to 1995 agreement.

 Without the construction of this dam, we may not move on with the challenges of life because water is the source of life. The country to which no one can see with a malice eye will destroy by not fulfilling its water necessity. According to a British survey, the reservoirs of Pakistan will completely be finished till 2025 the water level of well is up only for 2-3 years but after that, it low down to its extent level so the pulling of water upward becomes impossible, however, the project of dam had been to complete in 1993 but still incomplete after 25 years. Political personalities destroyed Pakistan for the sake of money.


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