Wahab seeks people’s support to make anti-plastic drive successful


(Karachi News): Barrister Murtaza Wahab said on Sunday that the Sindh government requires the aid and help of those people the government can execute their ban. Wahab said that a small effort on the part of these folks may help them embrace bags made from paper, fabric or biodegradable plastic to their purchasing needs.

He appealed to shopkeepers and the business community to accept the ban on polythene bags, in addition, to convince their clients to stop using bags that were dangerous. He explained that everybody should come together to perform with their roles in the shunning of those practices that cause harm.

The advisor said World Habitat Day is observed on the first Monday of each October to spread awareness since they are the dwelling places of human beings. Wahab also appealed to prevent those clinics that prove detrimental.

He explained the components which make substances and substances from batteries that were and older tyres cause a good deal of harm. In addition, he said the review teams of the Sindh Environmental Protection Agency is going to be made to take action against the components involved with pursuits that were unauthorised.

The advisor said businesses should comply to protect the environment so they can receive for the living the best terms possible, and also protect the future of their generations.

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