Veteran Actress Bushra Ansari Speaks Up About “Divorce”


She says she doesn’t like to speak the personal matter, though, it happens with all people including the doctors and the engineers.

LAHORE: Veteran actress and Pakistan favorite comedian Bushra Ansari has for the first time in her life spoken up about her divorce in Ahsan Khan’s show “Bol Nights.

Bushra Ansari who never talked about her divorce opened up about her personal life.

“In fact, many years have been passed since my divorce,” said Bushra Ansari while responding to a question that whether she doesn’t like to talk about her divorce or intentionally avoids talk about it.

She was talking in the tv show “Bol Nights” hosted by Ahsan Khan on a local TV channel. She stated that people usually had the perception that those who are associated with the showbiz industry had a pleasant life at home.

“There are many in our clan including my friends Rubina Ashraf, Samina Ahmed, Saba Hameed, and even Uzma Gillani—had a good image and spent a fulfilling ‘family life’ with our children while being in showbiz, especially during our PTV days.

So we have a drawing of a good family life, which is in front of everyone.”

“But you know there are troubles in everyone’s life, no matter even if he/she is a doctor or engineer,” she went on to say. “But disturbance takes place in that and I do not sort of person who blames people and then gets angry,”.

The actress also said that she did not like to talk about such things.

“Jamal Shah and Faryal were a good couple, for instance, but people felt broken when they parted ways,” the actress said. “Even Naeem Bokhari and Tahira Syed were a good couple but they could not live together,” said Bushra. People, she said, did not know what the actual problems of the couples were and there were not only the actors who went through this but the engineers and doctors also faced the same issues.

“So, I felt when it came to such a personal issue, there was no need to share it with the entire nation,” said the actress.


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