Veena Malik Critics over Pakistan-IMF Agreement

Actress Veena Malik. (File Photo: IANS)

KARACHI: Pakistani actress Veena Malik has supported Pakistan and International Monetary Fund (IMF) agreement, under which Islamabad will receive $6 billion for a period of 39 months.

Veena Malik slammed the critics for their criticism over Pakistan-IMF agreement, and questioned saying “IMF never dictated Pakistan ever in 70 years history but first time ever dictating Pakistan economy, right?

Veena Malik went on to say sarcastically IMF never dictated Pakistan ever in 70 years history because previously PPP and PMLN had extended loan to IMF and there was mush prosperity in Pakistan and it is first time Pakistan is taking loan from IMF.

Pakistan’s renowned actor Veena Malik has taken a jibe at Maryam Nawaz Sharif by responding to her tweet in a sarcastic manner on Wednesday.

Maryam Nawaz, daughter of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz supremo, Nawaz Sharif had taken to Twitter after dropping of her father at Koth Lakhpat jail on Tuesday upon the expiration of his bail period provided on medical grounds.

Ridiculing the statement issued by the PML-N leader, Veena twisting the words had retorted saying: “As difficult as the decision was for a father to hold his daughter’s hand and be implicated in fraudulent activity, it had been just as difficult for a daughter to humiliate her corrupt father. But I will go because the objective is political and personal and far bigger than a father-daughter affiliation. Personal objectives ask for sacrifices from the public. Tomorrow I will exploit the workers.” For More News Pakistan News


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