Ushna Shah wants end to ‘merciless’ culling of dogs

Ushna Shah wants end

Actor Ushna Shah wants the authorities to take responsibility and put an end to the merciless culling of dogs in Pakistan.

Taking to Twitter, she said she has witnessed an excruciating incident of animal abuse firsthand.

“I live in Karachi and see it first hand. No official authority takes responsibility yet there are reports of Sindh govt, KBC and CBC employees brutally killing dogs [sic],” said Shah. By KBC, it is likely she refers to the KMC.

In another tweet, she said that the mayor of Karachi has categorically stated that he has not given orders to cull dogs.

“…KBC employees take it upon themselves to kill even stray street pets whom neighbourhoods feed & have adopted. There needs to be a STRICT BAN on this practice altogether. [sic]”

Shah said stray animals are being slaughtered using pellet guns. “The dogs bleed out into a slow agonizing death. Torture has become a sport,” she said.

Earlier, Shah uploaded a video narrating a distressing incident of animal abuse in Karachi that she came across online. She posted a video in which she was crying after having watched a tragic and brutal video of a dog being left to die a slow and painful death in Karachi.

“I just saw this viral video of a dog,” said Shah. “He was sleeping next to a building and someone was filming the dog from above.”

Then, a security truck stops by, and guards step out, shoot the dog near the hind legs and leaves,” she continued.

She said that “since it was not a directly-fatal shot, that dog was left to die a gradual death while wailing in excruciating pain, and there was blood everywhere and everyone was watching, the person filming the video was also watching but no one came forward to help the dog or euthanize him but just kept on watching a voiceless creature in pain.”

Shah added how instead of killing the creature, the people could have been sent to the ACF (Ayesha Chundrigar Foundation). He could have even been euthanised, spayed, neutered or just been given to an animal organisation. “But they chose a single bullet to end it all,” she lamented.


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