US must pressure India to end militarized curfew over Kashmir: Asad Majeed


Pakistans Ambassador to united states Asad Majeed khan has advocated us and the global community to do more to pressurize India to terminate its militarized curfew within the inhabited Himalayan valley of Kashmir stressing the Narendra Modi-led Indian authorities has turned into the Muslim majority area into practically a concentration camp.

Talking to the Washington times to a private meeting ambassador Asad Majeed khan noted the steps undertaken by India’s prime minister have restricted Kashmiri Muslims to a concentration camp awarded the harsh limitations on movement and regular routine.

Asad Majeed Khan lamented that countless Kashmiris living in Indian-occupied Jammu Kashmir are put below a security lockdown that looks like a concentration camp even as civilians have been denied access to life-saving medications power phones and internet for a month.he said thousands are being put in prison. ambassador khan praised us president Donald Trump for not taking part in the Kashmir dispute between India and Pakistan but he noticed that us should do much more.

Asad Majeed khan stated no other country has the same clout or influence as the united states of America to basically urge India to nudge India. assessing the agendas of both prime minister Narendra Modi and the Bharatiya Janata Party BJP the Pakistani ambassador noted that the Modi government is closely intertwined with Hindu nationalists who hunt vertical India to a historical Hindu homeland that’s been dominated by plantations for centuries.

Highlighting Narendra Modi’s background since the chief minister of the India’s state of Gujarat he shed light on 2002 Gujarat massacre once the Indian country was blindsided by violence between the Hindu and Muslim communities. reports show that the massacre led to approximately 1000 deaths of Muslims although 300 Hindus also died during the riots.

Ambassador khan noticed the Modi’s role in instigating the violence led to him being prohibited from entering the united states on orders of us state department. the entire world was shocked because he climbed to power and supposed that the prime ministerial division of India at 2014.

Asad Majeed remarked look back at his career. he was someone who was banned from coming into the united states because of what he had done in Gujarat in terms of killing thousands of Muslims.ambassador khan discovered that India’s recent decision to abolish article 370 of the Indian constitution and scratch away the rights of Kashmiris is fueled by a program that moves land job.

He explained that these current Indian steps from Kashmir have been not only about the dispute over the property but the best of self-determination of those folks and I believe what India has done is an attempt to take the individuality of some public by reconstituting the land by redesigning places.


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