No need for sensationalism over unresolved deaths in Karachi


KARACHI: Executive Director Jinnah Postgraduate Medical College, Dr Seemi Jamali has said there is no need to sensationlise the matter of unresolved deaths in Karachi.

Talking exclusively in programme Bakhabar Savera, Dr Seemi Jamali said the number of deaths have increased in Karachi as more bodies were brought to the medical facilities.

But there is no need for sensationalism as majority of poor come to government hospitals, she said and added that such people by visiting several hospitals risk their lives.

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Replying to a query, she said coronavirus tests of cannot be carried out on a body. Overall testing capacity of the deadly virus is low in the province.

Dr Jamali said the standard operating procedures (SOPs) are set by the government for the burial of a coronavirus patient and urged people to follow those in order to save them from being infected.

Sources on Wednesday revealed that the number of unresolved deaths in Karchi has increased further with hundreds of people being brought to hospitals as either critically ill or dead.

According to sources, in the past 14 days, 109 people were brought into Jinnah Hospital in critical condition. Out of these, 90 people lost their lives shortly after being brought to the hospital.

It is important to mention that for now, the reason behind this sudden surge in deaths is yet to be determined.


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