Ukhano was falsely blamed on social media: FIA


KARACHI: Youtuber Umar Khan, popularly known as UKhano, has been declared ‘falsely accused’ after an investigation by Federal Investigation Agency (FIA).

Ukhano had been accused of sexual harassment and abusive behavior by multiple women in July 2019. Several screenshots of the 28-year-old’s conversations with other women circulated on social media, wherein he could apparently be seen sharing his obscene pictures and asking for their ‘bold’ pictures in return.

Post backlash, the social media personality had registered an FIR against one of the accusers in November, following which the Federal Investigation Agency’s (FIA’s) Cyber Crime Wing concluded its investigation yesterday.

UKhano shared with the report in which he has clearly been declared ‘falsely’ accused.

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During the investigation, the accuser, after a pre-arrest bail, told the investigation authorities that her Facebook account was hacked and that she did not upload any allegations against the subject.

Not to mention, the case against the accuser has also officially been closed as per the report, since UKhano did not want to proceed with the FIR against her. He told The Express Tribune, “I didn’t want to proceed with the FIR or file damages because this wasn’t about revenge for me. I wanted to clear my name and create awareness on how to opt for legal platforms in such cases rather than using social media as courtrooms.”

He also clarified that additional evidence had been provided to relevant authorities, along with the ‘original conversations’ of the ‘manipulated’ screenshots that had circulated.

He added, “After I posted my third video about the case, people reached out to me claiming they also made fake screenshots when the topic was trending and at that time they didn’t know how serious it was and apologized.”

On Saturday night, three months after allegations surfaced, UKhano had shared a video with the caption, “On 9th July, I was made a target of false allegations. I promised you all that I will go through the legal channel and after submitting my application in FIA along with all the evidence and after 3 months of investigation, I have an FIR against false allegations.”

Whereas, on November 19, 2019, the accuser stated in a Facebook post that her account was hacked and she had no knowledge of any allegations against UKhano.


As for the damage imposed on his reputation, UKhano said, “It can’t be undone and I am not fixating on that either. I am starting my career from scratch. One vlog at a time, one project at a time and let people decide if they want to consume my content or not.”

He then concluded, “My journey has ended with the people who unfollowed me or cut off ties after the whole controversy and I am not bent on changing their opinions.  But that also left room for others to take their place.”


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