Truly Shameful | Modi Gets Trolled Over Cloud Theory


Prime Minister Narendra Modi was caught in the middle of a troll fest with Twitter almost going hysteric with memes and jokes on the prime minister’s “raw wisdom” that a cloud cover could actually hide Indian planes from the Pakistani radar system.

These remarks were made in an interview to a TV channel. “We were weighing crucial aspects. Experts were re-thinking the airstrike due to bad weather, but then I said so much cloud cover and rains could be beneficial. We can escape their radar. This was my raw wisdom. I said there could be a benefit. Then I said, there’s cloud cover, please go ahead,” he said.

Ironically, the prime minister’s statement from the interview was shared by the official Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and BJP Gujarat Twitter pages. They later deleted the tweets. By then the clip of PM Modi’s interview went viral on social media with jokes and memes on his cloud theory. For More News Pakistan News


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