Time to express unity,not negative politics: CM Usman Buzdar


LAHORE:Chief Minister Usman Buzdar has said that precious time of the nation has been lost due to aimless protests and sit-ins.

Those elements which staged such protest on this sensitive occasion in Islamabad will never be forgiven by the nation. There is a dire need of showing unity and spreading uncalled unrest at this time is contrary to national interests, he added. Under the dynamic leadership of Prime Minister Imran Khan, country is treading on the path of durable progress and stability and no one will be allowed to hinder progress and prosperity, he asserted.

He said that a few elements did not want Pakistan to advance forward and move on the path of progress. Country does not need negative politics at this time rather stability, he maintained.

Usman Buzdar in a statement issued here Sunday said that the people of Pakistan had given five years mandate to PTI and the PTI government would complete its tenure. There is a need to follow the path of wisdom rather than showing irrationality and we will have to desist from negative politics for the sake of nation’s prosperity, he asserted. Country cannot progress by resorting to politics of chaos and the only path to progress is to create and ensure stability and unity among our ranks in the country.

He said that everyone would have to play his positive role in progress and prosperity of country. It is not at all reasonable to stage politics of protest keeping in view grave and serious situation prevalent in Occupied Kashmir. The government is bringing improvements and ease in the lives of the people while protesting elements are hindering transportation service by blocking roads and routes, he stated. Everyone will have to keep in mind prioritising national interests owing to internal and external challenges. The soil of our homeland demands unity and integrity in the prevailing conditions and it is unwise to resort to agitational politics and politics for the prosperity of people will only be accepted in Pakistan, he maintained. He said that 220 million people of Pakistan by showing indifference to negative politics of protests had shown them a mirror. Those indulging into politics of chaos and agitation failed before and will also meet with failure now. He said that country was treading on the path of stability and progress under the vibrant leadership of Prime Minister Imran Khan. The government will continue public service without caring for the protesting elements, concluded Usman Buzdar.

suspended: Usman Buzdar took notice on the death of a citizen due to kite twine and also sought a report from CCPO Lahore in this regard.

Usman Buzdar expressed his heartfelt grief with the bereaved family of the victim of kite-flying incident. He directed that indiscriminate action should be taken against those held responsible for committing negligence of their duties. Kite-flying incidents are highly intolerable despite imposition of a ban and strict implementation of kite-flying ban should be ensured, he directed. Wherever kite-flying incident occurs the police officers concerned will be responsible. Meanwhile, on the notice taken by the chief minister, SHO of Mughalpura police station Mudassir Ullah was suspended from service and inquiry has also been initiated against him for showing dereliction in his duties. Usman Buzdar warned that he would not tolerate any negligence or lapse for not ensuring implementation of kite-flying law and stern action would be taken against the SHO concerned of the area in case any kite-flying complaint comes to surface.


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