TikTok blocks 93,000 accounts with “objectionable content” in Pakistan

TikTok blocks accounts

TikTok blocked on Tuesday over 93,000 accounts in Pakistan for having “objectionable content”.

This was done on request by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority. PTA issued a statement saying that talks are under way with the management of various platforms to block “illegal” and “objectionable” content on social media.

PTA said TikTok blocked 5.6 million illegal videos and links on its own. 

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Facebook has made a special team, the PTA statement said, to address Pakistani grievances and PTA has set up an online portal to register complaints of institutions.

The PTA spokesperson said 34 organisations have been given access to this portal. The statement read that PTA is persuading social media platforms to take action under Pakistani law. 

Last week, a petition was filed in the Peshawar High Court to ban TikTok as it shares “immoral and objectionable” content. The petitioner said TikTok is leading the country’s youth astray.

On July 21, PTA had issued a “final warning” to TikTok. The app was asked to put in place a comprehensive mechanism to control “obscenity, vulgarity and immorality through its social media platform”.


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