The homeless man set on fire while sleeping on a sidewalk in Brazil


SAO PAULO: The surveillance camera captured a shocking moment of a homeless man crawling away and dying of his injuries, after being set on fire while sleeping on a sidewalk in Brazil.

The victim identified as Carlos Roberto Vieira da Silva, 39, was attacked Sunday after midnight by an unidentified assailant on a footpath in Sao Paulo’s city of Mooca.

In the surveillance camera footage, a suspect dressed in black can be seen clearly dosing a flammable liquid on the ground near where the 39-year-old man was sleeping on top of a cardboard box.

The suspect fled the scene after a huge explosion. Da Silva was seen in the security video footage crawling as his entire body was engulfed in blaze. The victim suffered burns to 70% of his body and was rushed to Tatuapé Municipal Hospital where he was declared dead.

Investigators found a gallon of fuel as the site of the attack and were investigating surveillance cameras from the area in hopes of finding and arresting the perpetrator.

Joao Elieser Junior told Brazilian television network G1 that Vieira da Silva had camped out under the supermarket’s awning for almost a year. A person, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, revealed that Vieira da Silva attempted to get him off the streets, but he refused because he wanted to make his own money.


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