SwiftKey adds new animated Puppets in latest Android beta


Following the animated emoji trend, SwiftKey is introducing a new Puppets feature to its arsenal. The latest beta of the swipe-based keyboard will give you the ability to transform yourself into a Panda, Dinosaur, Dog, Cat or Owl for a short 30s video and then share it directly to social media and chat apps.

The new feature relies only on the front camera of your phone and is powered by Microsoft’s 3D face tracking technology, which uses the cameras found in most smartphones.

SwiftKey decided to go with this approach so it can reach a wider user base. The development process involved thousands of volunteers to help train the Puppets neural network to recognize a wide array of facial expressions and movements.

We wanted to give SwiftKey fans a fun way to communicate with their loved ones beyond pre-defined GIFs. That’s why we created Puppets, a group of cute and furry friends that people can control just by being themselves. Choose one of five animals, record a message of less than 30 seconds and share it via one of the many popular communication apps supported by Android devices.”

While Puppets is still in beta, the SwiftKey team plans on implementing it in the full-fledged version soon as soon as it’s gathered enough feedback from early testers. For more latest news Pakistan, visit 9newshd.tv



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