Sufi Singer Sings Against Rules For Poor Governance


Majni Faqeer—the famous Sindhi singer, staged protest against the rulers by singing a Sindhi song wherein he targeted poor policies of the central PTI government and Sindh government for poor policies and bad governance. 

KARACHI: Amid increasing inflation in the country whereas every poor is crying the artists have also come out against the central government and Sindh government for poor economic policies.

Manji Faqeer, a famous singer of Sindh, staged a different protest against the PTI government by singing a song in the Sindhi language in front of Karachi Press Club. He criticized the government for strict policies including massive taxes which burdened the general masses and asked for mercy upon the public.

“Our condition is getting weaker every passing day, have mercy upon us,” the last verses in the Sindhi language meant.

The inflation and increasing taxes have made the survival of a layman difficult as flour and other essential prices have gone out of reach of the common man. Karachi City—the economic hub of the country—has been witnessing a huge gas crisis.


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