Student shooting TikTok video accidentally kills himself

Student accidentally kills himself

ABBOTTABAD: A 10th-grade student accidentally shot and killed himself while shooting a video for TikTok, a highly popular Chinese social media app, police said on Friday.

They said the incident took place in Bagan neighbourhood of Abbottabad where Abdul Samad was filming video with a pistol. He accidentally squeezed the trigger, fatally injuring himself.

The body was shifted to a nearby hospital for medico-legal formalities.

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The craze for the free video-sharing app that allows users to create and share short 15-second videos, has resulted in a number of such incidents in the country. Lately, an 18-year-old boy in Narowal lost his life while making a video for the app.

The teenager drowned in a Narowal canal while filming a video. The deceased, identified as Husnain, went to the canal along with three of his friends to record a video. He fell into the canal after his foot slipped.

On June 21, a teenage boy had shot himself dead while making a video for TikTok in Karachi.


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