Stray dogs bite nine people in Larkana


LARKANA: Stray dogs bitten nine people including two children in Larkana.

The affected persons were shifted to emergency ward of the Chandka Hospital. The number of dog bite cases in Larkana has surged to 69 in last 10 days.

Earlier, on Jan 30, a female news anchor was injured after being bitten by a dog in Karachi’s defence area.

The female news anchor was reportedly bitten by the neighbours’ dog in Khayaban-e-Shamsheer, Phase V, area of defence, Karachi.

The woman registered a case in Darakhshan Police Station against the dog owner. She had registered a case on the base of the medico-legal report.

An alarming rise of dog-bite incidents being reported across the country with a common complaint about scarcity of the anti-rabies vaccine.

The doctors advise inoculation of anti-rabies vaccine shortly after the dog bite.

A victim of a rabid dog bite likely to suffer from hydrophobia – extreme fear of water, a symptom of rabies infection in humans.


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