Girl, 18, arrested for ‘stealing motorbikes’ while disguised as a boy

stealing motorbikes

KARACHI: Mauripur police said they had arrested an 18-year-old girl who they believe stealing motorbikes in the metropolis while disguised as a boy.

According to the information provided by police, the accused, a resident of Lyari who reportedly practices the sport of boxing, allegedly used to lift bikes along with two accomplices – 14-year-old ‘Chhotoo’ and 20-year-old Basit — both of whom are presently on the run.

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The girl has been handed over to women’s police for custody.

The suspect has denied the accusations and said that she did not steal any motorcycle. She said she had gotten into trouble because someone else handed her a stolen vehicle and she got caught with it. 

Meanwhile, police claimed that the three-member gang used to snatch or stealing motorbikes of new models. They are also looking for dealers to whom the gang sold those motorcycles.


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