Sindh, federal govts form technical committee to review NESPAK report on K-IV project


(Karachi News): The Sindh, as well as the authorities, have comprised a committee to reassess the k-iv project report to be filed by Nespak at the end of this month the job may be carried. Nespak has estimated that the price of approximately rs120 billion of their k-iv undertaking.

The decision was taken at a high-level meeting that was attended by federal minister for planning development khusro Bakhtiar deputy chairman planning commission jahanzaib khan secretary planning zaffar ahsan member planning commission major-gen retd zahir shah in the cm house on monday.the chief minister was encouraged and aided by governor imran ismail minister for local government syed nasir shah minister for labour saeed ghani chief secretary mumtaz shah chairperson p&d nahid shah and pscm sajid jamal abro.

The FWO delegation headed by DG FWO general inam haider brigadier abdul sami of 5 corps brigadier abeer and many others. kwsb md asadullah khan pd k-iv asad zamin and worried p&d officers attended the assembly.fwo dg major general inam haider briefing the assembly stated that the canal has been assembled from keenjhar lake had a span of kilometres.

He explained that the canal was constructed along with its mouth was developed in the ground area within the canal in meters. from the kilometres, the canal would stream up in gravity to 91km. 70 per cent has finished the function of this canal. the dignitaries were advised there were several problems on which nespak worked to run a third-party evaluation. Nespak gm jawaid mir mirza asif baig and mohammad afzal who represented Nespak at the assembly stated they may indicate some alteration they told the assembly they conducted a geo analysis of the embankment of the canal to find out if they’d have the ability to sustain the strain of 660 MGD of water.

Moreover, a 50mw power plant has also been proposed for the project. the consultant has almost finalised the pc-i of the power project. the chief minister said that k-i and k-ii/iii had designed the capacity of 480 MGD which been reduced by 100 MGD due to silt and other technical issues. he proposed to conduct a separate study to improve the capacity of the k-i and k-ii/iii projects.

Shah told the federal government representatives that water was the issue of life and death for this megalopolis of Karachi. we began k-iv so it might be finished but over 15 years have passed since its preparation and execution and it appears it would take a couple of years longer he explained.minister planning development khusro Bakhtiar proposed installing desalination plants from town to appeal to the demand of water however they’d require to finish. the minister stated that his administration was prepared in the event aid was extended by the government to set up desalination plants. the minister encouraged him to submit the proposal for acceptance and claimed that his supports minister.

The FWO and the Sindh government revealed their resolve to finish the k-iv job by eliminating of its bottlenecks. the Nespak team advised the authorities they would work out a plan by creating some layout and modifications to finish the job.earlier the minister led the ministry khusro bakhtiar governor imran ismail into keenjhar lake some 30 kilometres left of this thatta city in the consumption point of this k-iv job. they visited the website of the mouth area of this undertaking the canal the conduits and the bridges and got a briefing in the FWO engineers.

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