Several employees of Sindh Healthcare Commission test positive


KARACHI: The Office of Sindh Healthcare Commission has been closed after several employees tested positive for the coronavirus.

According to the administration of the commission, the office has been closed as a precautionary measure and it will be reopened after disinfecting spray.

The Sindh Healthcare Commission employees have been quarantined.

Earlier in the day, around 750 people have recovered from the coronavirus within the past 24 hours in Sindh, said Sindh government Spokesman Murtaza Wahab.

According to the Sindh government spokesman, 19,800 patients have recovered from the province so far.

Wahab said that those isolating themselves and resting are the ones speedily recovering.

The official urged the public to make the use of face masks mandatory, appealing people to not leave their homes unnecessarily.

He also requested the elderly to take extra care and not leave their homes without a reason.


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