Senate passes resolution condemning illegal Indian moves in IOK


(Islamabad News): Senate on Friday has passed a resolution condemning the annexation of Kashmir from India headed by Narendra Modi and the RSS group he symbolizes.the resolution reads which the annexation is an effort by India to alter the demography of Kashmir within the racist and fascist program.

The resolution mentioned that this annexation is an effort to sabotage the un charter international law and un security council resolutions that take the right of self-determination of those inhabitants of Jammu and Kashmir.

The settlement also observed in pursuance of homosexual and bisexual agenda that will be motivated by nazi Germany the plan of Narendra Modi is committing an additional grave offence against humanity by turning occupied Kashmir to the planets largest and most brutal concentration camp using complete lockdown and final of communication links apart from arresting kidnapping martyring and devoting tens of thousands of innocent Kashmiris.

The resolution welcomed the un security council meeting on Kashmir and reaffirmation from the un security general of devotion to security councils resolutions on kashmir.additionally it expressed admiration of the places taken by friends such as china and turkey in addition to Iran whose parliament also passed a resolution in support of Kashmiri men and women.

The resolution expressed assistance and solidarity to this struggle of Kashmiri people resisting military and repression could using determination and their spirit. the house urged the important stakeholders and the authorities to formulate a coherent plan on kashmir.appreciation was expressed by it to some other parliaments civil society media and human rights organizations that encouraged the fight of the people of Kashmir.


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