Sehwag Tries to Mock PM Imran Khan But Ends up Humiliating Himself


Former Indian cricketer Virender Sehwag took out his frustration on Prime Minister Imran Khan by discussing among those PM’s clips US talk show Morning Joe’.The PM was on US talk show when one of the anchors called him’a voter from the Bronx’ however Sehwag chased it as a welder of Bronx’, also making fool out of himself.

Sehwag shared with the clip that was long, calling the PM’s UN address’pathetic’ and he maintained on humiliating’ himself. Replying to his tweet, Pakistani celebrity Ushna Shah slammed the Indian cricketer and stated that he’s among those’stupid cricketers’.

Not just Ushna, but a lot of his supporters pointed out him stating that he must learn the English language before criticising the PM. The series host Joe Scarborough too clarified on Twitter he stated’voter’ maybe not’welder’.

According to America’s strategy towards Afghanistan, the PM said during the meeting,”While the US was pouring money into Afghanistan in this futile war, the Chinese were developing a first-world infrastructure.

The way their infrastructure is, and I’m in New York and I’m watching the — you know the cars bumping around here.”The anchor light-heartedly stated into the PM with a laugh,”You do not sound right now as a prime minister from Pakistan, you sound like the voter from the Bronx to complain about the infrastructure in the US.”


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