Sanam Saeed stresses on collective efforts towards mental health


One of the finest actresses in the industry, Sanam Saeed enthralled audiences with her powerful performance in last year’s acclaimed film Cake and is gearing up for her upcoming projects that she hasn’t announced yet. However, she has been vocal on social media regarding issues that are close to her and has also associated with organizations catering to social/moral causes.

Being an ambassador of British Asian Trust, Sanam recently attended one of their events related to mental health awareness and spoke on the subject. She later posted pictures on social media, alongside her sentiments on how important it is to talk about mental health in Pakistan, not just to create awareness but to offer support as well.

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“It was so great to see representatives from so many sectors come together to talk about mental health,” she posted, adding, “There needs to be more work done for prevention and early intervention amongst our youth in particular.”

She furthered, “There are so many stress factors we face at home, at school, at workplace, in our communities, and on social media, etc. It is important to develop coping strategies for this from as early as possible. We need more discussions to educate ourselves and update our systems, we need to hear people’s stories, find out where it is we are failing as individuals, as society or as a nation when it comes to dealing with mental health issues which are on the rise – anxiety, depression and suicide rates are on the rise amongst our youth, and that’s not OK.”

Towards the end, she has also tagged some of the people who are available for help in their capacities.


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