Sajal Ali strongly reacts to Lahore Motorway gang rape incident

Sajal Ali

Pakistani actress Sajal Ali has strongly reacted to the incident of gang rape at Lahore Motorway, saying that these rapists should be hanged.

Taking to Instagram, the Alif actress raised several questions saying, “How long do we as a nation have to deal with this pain and embarrassment. When will we start protecting our women so that they can feel safe. These questions must be answered NOW.”

Sajal further said with hashtag #protectwomen, “Will this ever be stopped. These people should be hanged.”

Sharing the post, she wrote in the caption, “Why the system needs us to protest everytime to take actions? Take a few minutes and think about the children who had to see their mother being gang raped in front of their eyes.”

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“Yeh kab tak hota rahay ga??? Iska jawab kon dayga?? There should be an end to this. Magar kab? #shame #hangtherapist,”

Sajal Ali also shared the quote of prominent writer Saadat Hasan Manto in Instagram story to describe the current status of women in society.


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