Over 21,000 Roshan Digital Accounts opened, $24mn received: PM Imran

Roshan Digital Accounts

ISLAMABAD: Taking to the social networking website, Twitter, PM Imran said, “More than 21,000 Roshan digital accounts have been opened remotely and $24 million received till to-date.”

Expressing his satisfaction on the utilization of Roshan Digital Accounts, Prime Minister Imran Khan on Thursday said that he was glad to see overseas Pakistanis taking advantage of the initiative of State Bank of Pakistan.

He maintained that the number of accounts and amounts were growing with each passing day.

Earlier on September 13, Prime Minister Imran Khan had launched the Roshan Digital Account project aimed at providing digital banking facilities to overseas Pakistanis for the first time in the country.

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Addressing the launching ceremony, the prime minister had said that overseas Pakistanis were an asset for the country and the Roshan Digital Account project was the best opportunity for them to invest in the property sector.

“Overseas Pakistanis could play a pivotal role in improving the construction sector in the country,” he had said adding that the government would ensure participation of overseas Pakistanis in major real estate projects.


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