Robot let lose to detect coronavirus creates disturbance in public park


Security members of a local park in New York have banned a 5ft tall robot that creates disturbance among locals as it attempted to screen coronavirus.

According to the report, the robot was let lose in Bryant Park, Manhattan where it asks many questions from the passersby related to their health for screening symptoms of the coronavirus. The questions include, ‘Have you had a fever in the last three days?’

The same robot had been distributing protective masks at the Times Square a few days before.

Security officials at the park stopped and banned from entry due to lack of permission, however, it managed to test out three passersby.

While some have described the bot as ‘cute’, others see it as unnecessary ‘overkill’ as concerns over the spread of the coronavirus continue.

After answering questions from the bot, a man asked the bot to dance. To this, the bot begins exhibiting dance moves on background music.

The creator of the creepy robot was Pennsylvania-based company Promobot, whose founder Oleg Kivorkutsev told foreign media that they were only trying to make people aware of the virus by bringing attention to the problem.

A health specialist suggested that the bot was weird and a little overkill as a stand with an iPad would have been enough instead of using a whole robot.


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