Removal of NAB chief is the next target of movement: Kaira


LAHORE (9Newshd): PPP leader Qamar Zaman Kaira says the removal of the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) chief is the next target of the movement launched by the opposition by observing a black day.

Speaking at a press conference before leading a rally to Charing Cross, the venue chosen for the opposition’s public meeting, he said the opposition had set in motion a protest movement by observing black day on July 25, the day when “the mandate of the opposition parties was stolen to set up the government of a selected prime minister.”

He said the removal of the NAB chairman would be the next target of the movement to put an end to selective accountability by the watchdog.

He blamed the PTI government for rejecting rather ridiculing all offers of cooperation by the opposition in the larger national interest.

He lamented that despite reservations on the 2018 election results, opposition parties joined the democratic process as its elected members took oath as parliamentarians but the PTI leadership didn’t change its attitude even after forming the government.

He said the government made fun of the opposition’s repeated offers for a national charter of the economy and called it an attempt to seek an NRO (deal).

He said Imran Khan claimed that he had ended lotacracy (changing loyalties) but assembled all turncoats in his party and cabinet.

He regretted that during the foreign visits, the prime minister would abuse the opposition instead of presenting in an effective way the case of the Pakistani people. Despite it, he said, PPP chairman Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari pledged to support the prime minister if he talked of the national cause.

Kaira alleged that the government had erected barricades on the entrances to the Punjab capital to check the arrival of opposition parties’ workers coming from adjacent towns to take part in the public meeting here.

He said those who had been offering the opposition containers for protest were now creating hurdles in the way of a democratic right of the people to vent out their frustration at the official policies.

He said the prime minister had addressed a public meeting on The Mall but the venue had been declared illegal for the opposition leaders. “The government has become nervous at the announcement of protest and put restrictions on the media coverage of the opposition’s activities,” he added. For more latest news Pakistan, visit


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