Relatives shoot children in Karachi due to enmity with father


KARACHI: In an unfortunate incident on Friday, an adolescent was shot to death over personal strife in the Sohrab Goth area of the metropolis.

According to details, the Gharibabad area of Sohrab Goth was witness to a callous murder of a young 5-year-old boy, Majid. People intending to meet Majid’s father came looking for him at his residence, upon failing to find the father, they shot the toddler to death.

The assailants also shot at 22-year-old Shazia and 4-year-old Yasmeen who was rushed to the nearest healthcare facility for emergency treatment. Local police have reported that 4-year-old Yasmeen’s health is currently critical.

An eye witness to the harrowing tragedy, Moomal told ARY News that the family was fired upon by their own relatives, named Dildar and Nawab. The police further entailed that the relatives entered the household in the early hours of the morning and asked for breakfast where they shot Shazia.

The children who were busy playing outside in the street were taken hold of and shot in the head and mouth. Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Malir, Tanvir Alam said that the assailants had a long-standing rivalry with the father of the children and had come with the intention to murder him.

The police have maintained that all required evidence has been gathered from the crime site and the case will be pursued until it meets its lawful conclusion.


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