Real Story Of Lady Constable Beaten By Advocate


(Lahore News): Faiza Nawaz, a police constable who had been’violently slapped’ a week, on Sunday announced her resignation stating she had been saddled with her division. In a declaration, Constable Faiza Nawaz stated she was”really really fed up with this unjust, tyrannical, and cruel system, therefore I’m resigning from my service”.She explained: “I can’t face the powerful world mafia [alone].

“She also expressed sorrow over what she described as the”complicity of her own colleagues [with the accused]” in fulfilling a”legally flawed First Information Report (FIR)”. She said that she had been upset by the Ferozawala attorney fraternity’s series of support.

Adding that she’d become disillusioned with”the system” and didn’t feel that justice could be served.”I can’t see myself getting justice in this case… lawyers supportive of their colleague are engaging in my character assassination,” Faiza stated in the announcement, suggesting the report filed against Mukhtar has been”weakened by the people of my own department”.

However, I’m saddened that I still did not get any justice,” she moved on to include. The video came a day later accused Ahmed Mukhtar was released on bond due to his name being misspelt from the FIR. He had been accused of”violently slapping” the constable after she advised him not to park his car at a checkpoint.

Social activist Farzana Bari reported that it wasn’t just Constable Nawaz however, the girl of the nation who’d been dealt with a slap on her face. Advocate Ahmed Mukhtar, on the other hand, has refuted Constable Faiza’s promise of him with slapped her. He explained he was being implicated in a situation he had nothing.


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