Two killed, three injured in Rajanpur gang attack


Two men were killed and three people, including women and children, injured after members of the Chotu gang opened fire in Rajanpur on Thursday.

According to the police, the incident took place in the district’s Katcha Jamal. Residents of the area are terrified of a gang there led by Attaullah Butt.

Butt and his accomplices have been involved in spreading violence and terror in the area. They have allegedly robbed and abducted people as well, the residents said.

“We have complained multiple times to the police but they have failed to do anything,” a man said, adding that the area has now become a no-go zone for the police.

The police have been on the lookout for Butt for a long time but failed to arrest him. Previously, the gang had set an entire town on fire by firing rocket launchers at it.


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