Qureshi to hold telephonic talks with Antonio Guterres today


(Islamabad News): Foreign minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi is advised to maintain a telephonic dialogue with the secretary-general of the united nations Antonio Guterres on Saturday at 5 pm pst.according to sources FM Qureshi will apprise the un secretary-general of simmering tensions between arch-rivals Pakistan and India over human rights violations and atrocities by Indian forces in occupied Kashmir.

Presently Mr Guterres is on a formal trip to France. before Mr Qureshi wrote a letter to united nations high commissioner for human rights and drew her focus to a number of aspects of this human rights and humanitarian situation in Indian occupied Jammu and Kashmir.

The correspondence articulates Pakistans deep concerns within the intensification in anguish breach of their rights of Kashmiri people and the dire humanitarian situation which has emerged because of Indias enhanced steps to implement its own activities.

The letter highlights that Indias activities constitute violations of un charter applicable security council resolutions international legislation and Indias own solemn responsibilities.

The minister underscored the critical such as united nations to call upon India to reverse its activities to raise the curfew and other measures and restore rights of the Kashmiri men and women. The correspondence has been shared with all the un security council and members of the united nations.


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