Punjab reports 57 deaths by COVID-19 in 24 hrs

Punjab reports 57 deaths by COVID-19 in 24 hrs

ISLAMABAD: According to the National Command and Operation Centre (NCOC)Punjab has recorded 57 deaths due to the COVID-19 in the last 24 hours.

It is to be mentioned here that overall 73 deaths and 2,459 new cases of coronavirus reported across the country in 24 hours. Overall death toll by the novel coronavirus reached to 8,905.

Punjab has reported above 1,28,000 cases of the disease, while 3,365 deaths, well ahead of Sindh’s 3,158, which has a caseload of above 196,000.

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The total count of active cases in country is 48,008, whereas, overall 386,033 people have recovered from the deadly disease so far.

In the second wave of the coronavirus cases, the occupancy ratio of ventilators and oxygen beds in hospitals has increased.

According to the NCOC, the occupancy ratio of available ventilators in Multan hospitals has reached to 54 percent.

The occupancy ratio of ventilators in Islamabad has been 42 pct, Lahore 33 pct and Peshawar 26 percent.

In Islamabad 36 percent oxygenated beds, allocated for coronavirus patients, have been occupied, while occupancy ratio of oxygen beds in Multan has been 50 pct, Peshawar 60 pct and Karachi 39 pct, according to the NCOC.

According to a report federal capital Islamabad is well ahead of the provicnes in conducting Covid-19 tests. While the countrywide tests per million population (PMP) have been recorded at 28,428, Islamabad has conducted 370,266 tests.

According to the data of the NCOC, Islamabad followed by Sindh with 44,862 and Gilgit-Baltistan 39,941 tests PMP.


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