Public calls for end to K-Electric after night-long load-shedding

Public calls for end to K-Electric

The public has called for an end to power utility provider K-Electric after unannounced load-shedding increased in Karachi.

Eight to 12 hours of load-shedding a day is being reported across the city. On Friday night, dozens of residents of Pak Colony slept on footpaths due to the heat.

They complained that K-Electric blamed the unannounced load-shedding on ‘maintenance’. We are sleeping out here but what about our women and children, asked one resident. “They are burning up at home.”

Another said K-Electric and the commissions formed to investigate the company should fear God. They sleep comfortably in the air-conditioning but leave the poor to rot, he said.

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Karachi’s business community also has issues with the power supplier and says that since there are no business activities at night, K-Electric shouldn’t have so much load-shedding.

It has called for an end to K-Electric and the set up of other distribution companies in the city. People have also complained of over-billing.

A meeting was held at Governor House on Friday where Governor Imran Ismail called for a solution to the load-shedding issue. The meeting was attended by the K-Electric CEO and Federal Power Minister Omar Ayub via video link.

Ayub said 800 Megawatts of power is given to K-Electric and there is no shortage of furnace oil.


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