PTI is against dividing Sindh but PPP must deliver, say leaders


(Karachi News): Critics of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Sindh have stated his party is contrary to the concept of the branch of the Sindh province, but the Pakistan Peoples Party is deceiving the masses. The PTI, notably its Sindh leaders, has been facing severe criticism from several quarters of the Pakistan Peoples Party, Sindhi intellectuals and civil society activists, following Federal Law and Justice Minister Farogh Naseem hinted at the possible invocation of Article 149 of this ministry in Karachi.

Addressing a media conference from the Sindh Assembly’s conference room on Thursday, PTI provincial president Haleem Adil Shaikh explained that under Article 149, the Federation would provide directives to the Sindh government, so it might get the job done and deliver. But so far no recommendations have been made so far,” said Shaikh, who’s the party’s parliamentary leader in the Sindh Assembly.

In addition, he said it was not true that Prime Minister Imran Khan would declare implementing Article 149. Opposition leader Firdous Shamim Naqvi and MPAs Khuram Sherzaman, Dua Bhutto and Shahnawaz Jadoon were present in the media conference.

Shaikh stated that the party had begun its own work to chalk out recommendations on the province’s difficulties could be solved. He explained the committee could make recommendations not just to get Karachi but also the province towns, such as Hyderabad and Sukkur. The PPP’s Sindh Card has lost its power now and the party is just misleading the province’s residents,” he explained.

Criticising the PPP for ruining the state through their corruption and poor governance, Shaikh stated Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah and its own cabinet should resign it over. The federal government has given Rs25billion for the K-IV project, but this project was stopped due to wrong planning,” he explained.

He explained AIDS and hepatitis spread in Sindh because of corrupt and ineffective rulers. He said the authorities had failed to protect them and tens of thousands of people went hurt because of dog-bites from the state. He added that vaccines weren’t available there. The PTI leader stated the rulers of Sindh hadn’t provided water to the citizens of Karachi.

“In my constituency, there is even no drinking water available,” he explained. He explained Faryal Talpur was due to curses of the masses that were failed. In these circumstances, we have no other option left but to work ourselves,” he explained. Naqvi, who’s the resistance leader in the Sindh Assembly, stated that throughout the previous 12 decades, the PPP’s provincial government had failed to provide.

“We have contacted the Sindh government many times, but it is not ready to work to resolve the issues of people,” he explained. He inquired the Sindh government wasn’t giving a share to districts about the routine of their NFC award. He explained that the PPP government didn’t deliver a public transportation bus to Karachi.

He explained the Green Line project was postponed due to. He said the Sindh government had failed to provide. He said his party didn’t need to have the branch of Sindh.

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