Who Wants the Presidential System in Pakistan?


Talking to ARY News programme ‘Sawal Yeh Hai’, Hamza Ali Abbasi first of all clarified that the presidential system had never been tested in Pakistan before. He said earlier the country had experienced military dictatorship in the name of presidential system.

“The one-unit system of (ex-president) Iskander Mirza and (ex-prime minister) Mohammed Ali Bogra could also not be regarded as the presidential system,” he said.

The Pyare Afzal famed Abbasi said both the systems were good, but we would have to see what suited us the best. He said the parliamentary system had some inherent flaws which he did not think could be rectified.

The actor said most of the time of the prime minister in the country was spent on cajoling political parties into going along.

Recapitulating his talk, he said in a parliamentary system, the prime minister had to choose a member of the parliament for a key post such as education minister, on the other hand, the president enjoyed this luxury in the presidential system that he could choose any best educationist in the country for the ministry.

He said in practice, functions of a president in Pakistan were not many in the current system.

Some of Pakistan’s most famous Presidents have been Yahya Khan, Zia-ul-Haq, Musharraf and the list is longer. Now you tell me in the Pakistani context whether the two really are so alien from each other. Yes on a purely theoretical basis a “democratic presidential system” should not have anything to do with dictatorship, but we are talking about Pakistan here. Imran Khans intentions may be good but he will not last for ever. Pakistan will carry on and a Presidential system always runs the risk of one utterly incompetent individual going for a power grab. Can Pakistan really afford that?

Who gives a damn about yahya, ayub, zia or mushi badmash, they were all military dictators, what title they chose for themselves as rulers has no meaning whatsoever as they were called military rulers during their tenure by the general public, general public of pakistan is not fool to consider these military generals as “presidents”, it is only the highly educated and self-imposed “civilized” type of journalists who call them presidents in pakistani media.

Pakistan never had any kind of non-military backed presidential system ever in its history and Hamza abbasi also pointed to this fact. There is nothing sacred about crappy british prime minister system that pakistan is having at this moment, it is by no means our indigenous system at all, just the kalay angraiz in pakistani establishment consider it “best” for pakistan, the general public doesn’t give any damn about it. If pakistani establishment changes the system to democratic presidential system I can guarantee you there will not be any resistance from general public what so ever, the resistance will only come from kalay angraiz type of people in military, judiciary, bureaucracy and political class who have vested interests to remain attached to that little crappy england and its systems because they have their flats/apartments in london or have relatives settled there.


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