PPP seeks submission of FIA report on wheat, sugar crises in Parliament


ISLAMABAD: Pakistan People’s Party on Tuesday demanded the government submit an inquiry report of the Federal Investigation Agency on sugar and flour crisis, in the Parliament.

People’s Party Secretary General Nayyar Bukhari in a statement said that the government will not be allowed to keep the issue of the wheat flour and sugar crises under the carpet.

The prime minister himself has confessed negligence in shortage of sugar and flour in the country, Bukhari said.

The public should be informed about the mafia behind the crises, he said.

Those behind the tsunami of price hike and dearness are associates of Imran Khan, the PPP secretary-general alleged.

The wheat flour and sugar shortage jacked up prices of the commodities in January causing an uproar across the country.

The market and industry sources claimed that hoarding and speculation trade triggered a hike in sugar and flour prices.

Prime Minister Imran Khan, taking notice of the price hike had ordered a crackdown on hoarders and profiteers to overcome the crisis.

He said that elements involved in profiteering and hoarding of flour and sugar will be taken to task.


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