WhatsApp to allow email log-in without a mobile phone number

By Muhammad JuniadPublished On 08 Nov 2023

The new feature will allow users to add their email address to the application on iOS and Android devices, despite the alternative logging-in method the messaging platform will continue to work usually.

WhatsApp currently allows users to log in to their account by using a one-time passcode (OTP) received on their mobile phone, but the users who often travel and don’t have a roaming mobile plan face problems as they are unable to log in to their WhatsApp.

However, to overcome this problem, the Meta-owned application – WhatsApp – is testing a new email login feature that allows users to log in to their computer anywhere in the world with their email address.

WhatsApp email log-in

The users have to enter and verify their email address in the Meta-run messaging service on WhatsApp’s beta for iOS and Android, as an alternative method of logging into their account.

Users are also informed that their email will remain private and will not shown to other users.