Warning issued for Google Chrome users

By Muhammad JuniadPublished On 04 May 2024

A new warning has surfaced for the Android phone users who opt for Google Chrome for online web browsing, that could render them completely broke.

The new problem has been identified as Brokewell which appeared as an update for an application but when installed, it could allow cybercriminals to breach the privacy of a person and even get acess to their financial applications, reported Metro UK.

According to the details, it is very difficult to detect fraud, prompting an advisory for users to remain vigilant and only download applications from verified stores.

The ThreatFabric that identified the bug noted that Brokewell is a "significant threat to the banking industry."

"Our Threat Intelligence shows that device takeover capabilities remain crucial for any modern banking malware family, and new players entering the landscape are no exception," the team wrote.

“Thus, it comes as no surprise that ThreatFabric analysts recently discovered a new mobile malware family, Brokewell, with an extensive set of device takeover capabilities.”

The team further stated: "Brokewell uses overlay attacks, a common technique for Android banking malware, where it overlays a bogus screen on a targeted application to capture user credentials. After stealing the credentials, the actors can initiate a device takeover attack using remote control capabilities."

This app allows the intruder to control wide actions on the subject phones.

This application is a warning for people to always download trusted applications and remove those which may influence mobile actions.