Vasay issues apology for 'vile' comments against overseas Pakistanis

By Muhammad JuniadPublished On 23 Jun 2023

Lahore: Vasay Chaudhry, the host of a popular comedy show on a private TV channel, has publicly apologized for the "vile and ridiculous" comments made by a guest on his recent show directed at overseas Pakistanis.

During the show, model Sara Neelum made derogatory remarks about expatriate Pakistanis, mocking them for wearing cotton suits.

She further stated that they might be engaged in menial tasks like cleaning washrooms abroad.

Social media users swiftly condemned Neelum's comments and criticized Chaudhry for allowing such offensive statements to be made on the show.

Taking responsibility for the incident, Chaudhry expressed his sincere apology on behalf of his entire team for the offensive remarks.

He acknowledged that the comment was in bad taste and assured the audience that a formal apology would be broadcasted during the next episode of the show.

In a message posted on his Twitter handle, Chaudhry personally addressed all Pakistanis living abroad, expressing his love and remorse for the incident.

While Chaudhry's apology was appreciated by many on social media, some users also called for the model, Sara Neelum, to offer her own apology for her inappropriate comments.