Sunita Marshall extends support for Nadir Ali amid social media trolling

By Muhammad JuniadPublished On 24 Jun 2023

Karachi: Pakistani model and actor Sunita Marshall on Wednesday called upon her followers to cease "harassing" YouTuber Nadir Ali, who has found himself in trouble for asking a sensitive question.

The YouTuber faced significant backlash for posing a question regarding the faith of the model, who belongs to the minority Christian community in Pakistan.

Taking to Instagram on Wednesday, Sunita expressed gratitude to social media users for their support while requesting them "to kindly not harass the interviewer anymore." She also urged the interviewing fraternity to refrain from asking such personal questions in the future.

During a recent podcast, Sunita was asked why she had not converted to Islam despite her in-laws and husband being Muslims. In response, she clarified that there was no pressure on her from her husband or his family to convert. While she acknowledged occasional comments on Instagram, she emphasized that they did not affect her.

Sunita highlighted the importance of genuine conviction in religious conversion, stating that it is meaningless if not done sincerely.

She affirmed that her in-laws have never pressured her to change her religion and described their treatment towards her as "very good."

The YouTuber's insensitive inquiry drew widespread criticism from individuals across various backgrounds, including celebrities.