Hassaan Niazi handed over to military for investigation, trial

By Muhammad JuniadPublished On 18 Aug 2023

Lahore: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leader Hassaan Khan Niazi has been handed over to the military for investigation and trial. The police submitted a report to Lahore High Court (LHC).

An application has been filed in LHC regarding the recovery of Hassaan Khan Niazi. According to police report, he was handed over to the military for investigation and trial.

The police submitted a reply to Lahore High Court through the mediation of the Additional Advocate. Hassaan Khan has been named in the Jinnah House attack case as according to police he is among the main accused in the incident.

The petition filed for the recovery of PTI leader was heard in LHC. Justice Tanveer Sultan heard the petition of Hassaan's father Hafeezullah Niazi. The court granted permission to the public prosecutor to meet the father and son and adjourned the hearing till 2:00pm following the request of the lawyer of the petitioner.

Court remarked that both the father and son can meet by asking the concerned authority.

Petitioner's lawyer said that Hassaan Niazi was to be handed over to the military by the court who summoned the Station House Officer (SHO) and asked him why he took such an illegal step.

The petitioner's lawyer was asked what he wanted to plead with the court, the police had illegally handed over Niazi to the military immediately after yesterday's hearing.

Lawyer requested that the court should declare this action as illegal, father and son should meet.

The court remarked if now the government lawyer has no objection to the meeting of the father and son, to which the state lawyer replied that now the rules and regulations will have to be seen.

The government lawyer said that the detention of Hassaan Niazi is legal and I reject the allegations of the lawyer.