Fazila Abbasi issues statement regarding Naimal Khawar's surgery

By Muhammad JuniadPublished On 19 Jun 2023

This absurd criticism and speculation is unwarranted and totally uncalled for, added the dermatologist.

Islamabad: Fazila Abbasi, sister of actor Hamza Ali Abbasi and sister-in-law of Naimal Khawar Khan denied performing any facial surgery for the actress.

According to details, some videos and photos of Naimal Khawar have been going viral on social media in which fans claimed that the actress had undergone a nose surgery.

Naimal has also remained top trending on Twitter for several days. Several online users targeted Hamza’s sister Fazila who is a dermatologist by profession.

However, now Fazila Abbasi has released her official statement on Instagram regarding the controversy.

She wrote in her statement: “Dr. Fazila Abbasi and DFA clinic is officially releasing the disclaimer for not performing any aesthetic or surgical procedure to address the recently arisen controversy regarding a particular surgery/procedure”.