Police recover Rs9 million from Karachi bank robbers


KARACHI: Awami colony area of the city witnessed a bank robbery of Rs10.5 million last month, local police caught six robbers allegedly involved in the act, ARY News reported on Friday.

The robbers have produced Rs9 million from the bank robbery in front of the police after being taken under arrest.The robbers had had also fled with the bank security guard’s weapon, the police has also recovered the weapons used by the criminals in the bank robbery.The gang has a previous record of robbing various places in the city, the police told.

Two robbers who names have been revealed as Saeed Islam and Adnan Shamsi both handed over their share from the robbed bank money which was Rs6 million while another accomplice by the name of Abu Sufyan alias Babu handed over 0.5 million rupees.The remaining three, Waseem Khan, Sheraz and Sami handed over 0.8 million rupees each.


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