Police arrest key suspect in Canadian doctor’s murder


(Karachi News): Eight days following a Canadian physician was murdered over the course of a home robbery in Gulistan-e-Jauhar the police officers have promised of a breakthrough. AWP-747 came in bungalow no. b-75 at block-13 of all Gulistan-e-Jauhar once the citizens resisted the prosecution bid and they opened fire. but 40-year-old Dr Ayesha the complainant’s spouse endured a bullet close.

Dr Ayesha was shot to a hospital situated on national stadium road but she succumbed to her injuries. she had been a Canadian federal. ssp Mahesar stated the mastermind recognized as Faisal Abdul Hassan has been included in over 150 cases and that he was detained previously in cases of murder prosecution and authorities experience.

The officer stated Hassan’s accomplices specifically Azmat Anwar alias grenade and Rehmat would be Muttahida Qaumi movement-London MQM activists including they also have been detained previously and are still desired by law enforcement in various instances.

The district east police leader explained Azmat was released after being sentenced to 14 years in prison including a case of extortion set for its mqm-l has been filed against Anwar.

Mahesar explained conveys a bogus registration number plate while the vehicle is registered in the masterminds wife’s name. he said the authorities recovered a Kalashnikov a pistol and bullets the officer stated the fir nos. 663/19 664/19 and 665/19 have been registered against the suspects in the share a Faisal police station after the incident including the masterminds accomplices will probably likely soon be arrested shortly.

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